A Riot Of Colours & Melodies: Lido Pimienta

Wholesomeness is something that is rare to find these days when it comes to artistic creation. A lot of artists these days may either be adept at music or they may excel at performance, or otherwise. There are a few artists, however, package themselves in a manner that each aspect of their artistry is wholesome and upto the mark.

Lido Pimienta’s artistic character is such that it engages and amuses in a way that there is no way to falter for her. Her audiences will have no scope to get disengaged or bored even for a minute as her music and visual repertoire are nearly exceptional.

A Colombian Canadian musician, singer, and songwriter, Lido rose to prominence after her 2016 album, La Papessa which won the 2017 Polaris Music Prize. Identifying herself as a queer, Lido is of mixed Afro-Colombian and Wayuu descent and is a single mother – making her a dynamic personality.

Her debut album Colour, released in 2010 was produced by Michael Ramey, Pimienta’s husband at the time and was released by Los Angeles based music label KUDETA. The album encompasses a multitude of topics written in Baranquilla ranging from metal, identity, motherhood and, quite literally, finding her voice.

After she separated from Michael, Lido took a degree in art criticism and also learnt more about music production which eventually lead to the release of her second album La Papessa. The album was self-produced and full of layered compositions, from the sonics to the subject matter. In the same year, she collaborated with with A Tribe Called Red and co-released an album titled We Are the Halluci Nation.

Her most recent release, Miss Colombia, continues to explore Afro-Colombian music traditions and ideas of ownership and identity through Lido’s unique lens. She calls Miss Colombia “a cynical love letter to Colombia,” a more intentional, focused project than her previous album.

In the album, Lido smoothly orchestrates the relationship between beauty and violence across 11 songs. The first half of the album, SOL, talks about turning past pain and trauma into learning and healing. The album has Lido’s signature electronic cumbia blend. Sung almost entirely in Spanish, Miss Colombia conveys rage and solidarity more than chipper positivity.

At a time when there is a barrage of content for everyone to consume, artists such as Lido can really cut across all the noise and make sure that people sit up and take notice.

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